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Web Content Testimonials by My Happy Clients

Many happy clients precede you. Whatever your website condundrum, now-satisfied clients first sought out the iContent Geek as good business folk with website weirdness, quirks, or downright sorrows. But they're glad now. Simply see a few of their glowing web content testimonials below, and then contact me to see how I can make you happy too.

Web content testimonial #1: iContent Geek praised for developing an entire website for a Bay Area hospital
iContent Geek developed a website for Sutter Health.
I recommend Jeff highly for his professionalism, his work quality, and his support of our efforts.

"Jeff developed a website for a research project in the Bay area, which focuses on understanding best practices in implementing sexual health services for young gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons. After a hugely disappointing first iteration of our website from a previous contractor, Jeff was recommended to us as someone who would 'get' our needs for developing a culturally appropriate and beautifully designed website, in line with what our community project partners would want to see reflected. 

"Jeff's work on our site,, speaks for itself! Our site is beautiful, and received high praise from our partners and community groups. But it was his patience with our very complex process of needing to gather community input and buy in, as well as being super flexible despite our quite cumbersome bureaucratic process in being able to respond quickly, that has assured us that we want to keep working with him! I recommend Jeff highly for his professionalism, his work quality, and his support of our efforts."


    Happy client:

~ Ifeoma Udoh, Director, CRUSH Project

    Sutter Health

Web content testimonial #2: A longtime associate recommends iContent Geek's SEO expertise
Anchor 1
iContent Geek helped Ten Strands clients with SEO.
Jeff knows SEO better than anyone I know.

"I've worked with Jeff on many projects over the last 20 years. Mostly recently, I hired him [as iContent Geek] to work with one of my clients on SEO and SEM. Phase 1 of the project was SEO. Jeff visited the client site and fully briefed them on the power of SEO and his methodology for keyword research and implementation. He listened carefully to their needs to completely understand the sector they work in. He then embarked on the detailed work of keyword research and analysis and produced a very detailed but highly organized report for us to review. After a feedback session or two, Jeff finalized the keyword analysis and worked with us so we fully understood how to implement his recommendations. Jeff knows SEO better than anyone I know and he is able to explain it to people who know very little about it and persuade them it's a good strategic move to make for their sites. I'm looking forward to working with Jeff on SEM next. I highly recommend Jeff's work."


    Happy client:

~ Karen Cowe, CEO

    Ten Strands

Web content testimonial #3: A tattoo shop attributes improved website performance to iContent Geek
iContent Geek advised Diving Swallow on web content development.
I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve the visibility
of their site.

"Jeff is truly the best SEO specialist I have ever come across!


"From the beginning, he explained in detail how the work he did on our website would bring business to our store, as well as give the site itself a more professional appeal. This it most certainly did; immediately we saw our clientele increase!

"Additionally, Jeff was very kind when we asked him pedestrian questions about SEO and the world wide web in general.


"I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve the visibility of their site, individuals and businesses alike."


    Happy client:

~ Cedre Csillagi, Co-Owner and Artist

    Diving Swallow Tattoo

Become a happy client yourself, and picture your own web content testimonial here

Making you a happy client is my goal as your iContent Geek. Satisfying your web content development needs means I help you to succeed and gain a little more success myself.


I'm not simply seeking more web content testimonials to add to this page. What I really want is to help you to rank better in organic and paid search results, to help your customers to engage more strongly with your website, to help them to convert at higher numbers for you, and to work with you to resolve any other website issue you have.

I go the extra mile to make happy clients. If I don't know the best solution, I work it out. Some clients have returned to me and asked me to implement code I wasn't familiar with, to design print materials for them, or to expand their web analytics into a less familiar direction. I found solutions for these still-happy clients, and I would do the same for you.


Please click the Contact iContent Geek button above, and let's work together. 


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