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An SEO Specialist Finds Customers Seeking You

Use a search engine optimizer to succeed. Let me help new customers find your website. After all, without search engine optimization (SEO), your web pages might be lonely and lazy. But your new SEO specialist (the iContent Geek!) will use SEO best practices and content development expertise to make them busy converters. ​

SEO keyword research is data you need


Which keywords do your customers use? If your competitors know this, let's make sure we know more. As your SEO specialist, I'll thoroughly research words related to each of your webpages, recommending changes based on search traffic. I'll compare your website's rankings for these SEO keywords to how your competitors rank. ​

SEO keyword data is imperative. Your search engine optimizer knows how to turn this research into better results for your site. I'll use it to focus all of your pages and heighten their organic rankings in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. Contact me below about SEO keywords.

SEO specialists begin with keyword research.
Your search engine optimizer uses SEO best practices to get you more clicks.

SEO best practices bring you clicks


Your SEO specialist is a search engine optimizer. That means I have the skills and know the best practices your site needs. And there are so many things to know and do to ensure that folks find you in search results and then are compelled to click, click, click to your site.​


Request a free SEO best practices analysis. Contact me, and we can spend 15 minutes looking at where your site is SEO strong and where it needs SEO pullups, stat. Your iContent Geek will evaluate and tell you where your title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, headings, images, and so much more could be so much more optimized.  

Your SEO specialist grows your metrics


SEO analysis is a tool to wield wisely. When you hire me as your search engine optimizer, I always keep your site's performance in mind. Always. Search engine use is consistently one of the internet's top activities, so I take regular looks at your site to ensure it's growing like you want. ​


Your competitor left her SEO on autopilot. Don't make the same mistake. Search engine results pages are always in flux, and you have an SEO specialist on your team to keep you informed and your website ranking well in Google. Contact me and let's discuss how I can use Google Analytics or data from other sources to stay ahead of your competition.   

Your iContent Geek will bring your site's SEO full circle with intelligent analysis.
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