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Your PPC Geek & AdWords Consultant Is a Click Magnet

Get sexier search-engine-marketing services. With the iContent Geek as your PPC geek, your ad clicks will multiply like little digital rabbits. Your conversion rate will hop higher too. I'll reward you with these carrots thanks to my expertise as an AdWords consultant, which means I've spent the time in SEM Land so you don't need to.   ​

SEM keyword research is where it begins

A PPC geek gives you SEM-keyword love


Keywords are the key to pay-per-click success. In order to see good conversion and purchase data at the end of a campaign, we'll start with keyword data that inform us about which terms are most desirable to your prospective customers. All else is built on this. 

How SEM keywords pay off. When we know ahead of time the terms your customers are actually using in search engines, we know how to target our PPC ad content as well as site content. Users use words. It's how the internet works. So let's win the word game.

Your AdWords expert dances la lambada


Search engine marketing is dynamic. Luckily, your iContent Geek is fast on his toes and never loses eye contact. El translation: I set up your SEM campaigns, keep my focus on the gyrations of all the swirling ads and metrics, and take the right steps along the way.


​You hire me to get results and save time. Most likely, you've already experienced the ongoing efforts needed to stay ahead of a successful SEM campaign. That's why you want me. As an AdWords consultant, I specialize in this stuff, do it very well, and free up your time for other initiatives.

AdWords expertise
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