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What is "icontent"? It's internet content, interactive content, and incredible content. The incredible part comes from collaborating with your iContent Geek in order to enhance any or all of the content on your own website.

iContent Is (Incredible) Internet Content

Get SEO content improvements for your site.

SEO content is
your specialty

Better web content for your site is on the horizon.

Web content is
your career

Search engine optimization expertise is suddenly yours when you partner with me. Your website's organic search rankings will only be looking up, up, and up.

SEO is often overlooked and under-implemented. Make your site's SEO content a free customer-aquisition method. When I work for you, your site works harder and smarter.

Team with a marketing content expert.

Marketing content
is your nature

Customer-centric marketing content, including search engine marketing, that touts product benefits is your natural way of selling when you have my know-how in your wheelhouse.

Whatever your marketing call-to-action for me, I'll deliver. I've helped sell everything from books to pharmaceuticals, and your iContent Geek will demonstrate sales success for you too.

Web content development is automatically a 14-year career supplementing your resume (see on LinkedIn) when you hire me. Your site becomes the focus of my content-enhancing brain.

Developing web content that appeals to visitors to your website and turns them into customers and then turns them into repeat customers is what I do for you.

Web analytics will drive our work together.

Web analytics are your roadmap

Website performance metrics from conversion rate to recency of return visits of customers by segment inform the evolution of your site, when you consult with me.

Test new content. Learn from its analysis. Update and repeat. With the iContent Geek on your team, you have the web analysis you need to make your site keep evolving.

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